MN Department of Natural Resources

MN DNR Aquatic Plant Management (weed control, or weed appreciation, depending on your perspective) – Click the link below to access the MN DNR Aquatic Plant Management page, for everything from identification to invasive species to control methods to regulation etc.

MN DNR Fire Rating Map – click the link below, this is the map that determines what the sign at the “T” says – it is updated daily during fire season, usually in the mornings. Please check before burning anything…

Contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for permitting and other questions directly by accessing the following link:

You can also try the Do I Need a Permit? page from the MN DNR here:

Our local DNR Area Hydrologist is Kim Boland in Eveleth, who can be contacted here:

MN DNR LakeFinder

When you click the links below for the individual lakes within our area, you’ll be directed to the main DNR Lakefinder page for each lake. All of the menu choices on these pages refer to this lake alone, so you can find out about water quality, water clarity, special study areas, fish populations, recreational suitability, etc. Have Fun-

Lake Elora – Lake ID# 69052100

Winkle Lake – Lake ID# 69052200

Dodo Lake  –  Lake ID# 69052300

Rose Lake – Lake ID# 69052500

Strand Lake – Lake ID# 69052900

Schisler Lake – Lake ID# 69053300

Ice-In and Ice-Out information

Following are a pair of links to the MN DNR for recorded ice-in and ice-out dates for the lakes.


MN DNR Ice-Out